Our privacy policy

A few quick things to know about how we handle your information.

Your email address is safe with us!

We won’t ever give your email address to anyone else. All we’ll use it for is to contact you directly, via the fortnightly newsletter (until you unsubscribe, which you can do by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ in any issue of the newsletter).

We use Mailchimp to send out our newsletter. This means Mailchimp will have your email address too and any other info you put in via the sign up form. You can read the relevant bit of Mailchimp’s privacy policy here.

How we treat other info you may choose to share with us

If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll occasionally have opportunities to tell us more about yourself, through surveys and the like. When we ask for info, it’s specifically for the purposes of improving what we offer, as well as gauging your interest in hearing about specific Big Feels offerings. We treat any info you give us as being for our eyes only, unless you specify otherwise.

The one exception is we sometimes use anonymised quotes from people talking about why they find the Big Feels Club valuable. We may use these in e.g. pitches to funders to help us support the work we’re doing. We will never use any quotes that could potentially identify someone.

When do surveys, we use either Google Forms or Surveymonkey. This means any data you give us via those third party services is subject to their privacy policies. You can read about Google’s privacy policy here (buckle in for that one, not a short read I’m afraid!), and Surveymonkey’s privacy policy over here (see the ‘#2 - If you respond’ section specifically).