Making sense of the messy stuff of being human


The Big Feels Club is for anyone trying to make sense of personal crisis and distress. Anyone who ever wonders, ‘do other people find life *this* hard??’

This feelings ship is helmed by Honor Eastly and Graham Panther, two sensitive cats who’ve done all the group therapy, self-help, and spiritual cleansing money can buy (so you don’t have to).

Here’s Honor:

“Three years ago I was wondering why I should stay alive. What saved my life happened purely by chance.
I found a community of people who had similar experiences to me, who introduced me to new ways of looking at my messy life stuff. But finding this space took over a decade, a hospital admission, two years of hospital programs and a massive stroke of luck. It shouldn’t be this hard.”

And here’s Graham:

“What helped me climb out of that great, big hole I found myself in at 23? It wasn’t finding the ‘fix’, or the answer to ‘why am I like this?’
What changed my life was finding other people asking the very same questions. It was finding my tribe.”

Good things start to happen when you feel you belong

This little community is based around a simple idea: that when you're having a tough time, it's *really* important to find somewhere you feel you belong.

For many of us sensitive cats, it's hard to feel we belong anywhere. Often we've been told there's something wrong with the way we feel. We've been told we need to be different in order to be happy. (We've told ourselves all this too.)

What's the quickest way for a sensitive cat to feel they belong? Give them the chance to meet other sensitive cats! 

Multiple mental health studies have shown the value of talking to other people with similar big feels. Just a few conversations can have profound effects on how you see yourself, and how you experience the world. But it's still bloody hard to find those nourishing convos - and that's what we're looking to change.

What are we doing about that then?

We want to make it way easier to have connecting, inspiring conversations about big feelings (without feeling like a loser).

We want to help you feel a little less alone in that big, beautiful brain of yours. (Even when that big, beautiful brain is being kind of a dick.)

And we want to give you a few more tools in the Feelings Toolkit for when life gets messy.

People have been trying to make sense of big feelings since the dawn of time - psychologists, philosophers, and everyday feelers. Think of us as your Feelings Buffet Table (take the ideas you want, and leave that weird looking wilted salad. No judgement.)

Yeah but what can we actually offer you??

Here at Big Feels HQ (Graham’s couch) we’ve been cooking up a few little experiments, all designed to help you make sense of the messiness. They're all based on the practice of peer support - which is the fancy term for  We're actually 

Right now you can sign up to our Big Feels newsletter (see up top!), a fortnightly dose of ideas about feelings.

Our book club for feelings offers a monthly dive into different ways of looking at human distress. You can do it all online without leaving your bedroom, or brave a real world meet up with fellow club members (leaving the house? are you crazy??) if there’s one near you.

Coming soon, we’ll also have a range of online courses, all about living life as a sensitive cat, and more ways to chat online with fellow travellers. 

Best way to keep in the loop with it all is to sign up to the newsletter. Come dive into the existential goo with us!