Making sense of the messy stuff of being human


The Big Feels Club is for anyone trying to make sense of personal crisis and distress. Anyone who ever wonders, ‘do other people find life *this* hard??’

This feelings ship is helmed by Honor Eastly and Graham Panther, two sensitive cats who’ve done all the group therapy, self-help, and spiritual cleansing money can buy (so you don’t have to. Woop!)

“Three years ago I was wondering why I should stay alive. What saved my life happened purely by chance.
I found a community of people who had similar experiences to me, who introduced me to new ways of looking at my messy life stuff. But finding this space took over a decade, a hospital admission, two years of hospital programs and a massive stroke of luck. It shouldn’t be this hard.”
-- Honor Eastly
“What helped me climb out of that great, big hole I found myself in at 23? It wasn’t finding the ‘fix’, or the answer to ‘why am I like this?’
What changed my life was finding other people asking the very same questions. It was finding my tribe.”
-- Graham Panther