Group vibes (for our online and real life discussions)

                              Bodie the good vibes pooch

                             Bodie the good vibes pooch

A few thoughts on group discussion * VIBES * 👇👇👇

Whether you're jumping into our Facebook group discussion, or heading along to one of our real-life meet-ups, the points below outline the general vibe we're going for. 

If it were up to Bodie, the vibe would be pretty simple. There would be treats. Many treats.

I can't argue with that, but here's a few more to consider:

* It’s ok to not have The Answer. In fact it’s encouraged :) Our discussions probably won't be tied up with a ribbon at the end and we think that's just fine.

* Sometimes unsolicited advice can be a little disconnecting. Unless someone’s asking for suggestions, let's be curious instead? Or share our own experiences?

* Private messaging. It can feel a little funny getting a private message out of the blue from someone, even if you’re both in the same online discussion group. If you want to connect more, we suggest replying to their comment with something like ‘Hey if you want to chat more about this privately, PM me.’

* Remember that the people featured in the podcasts are real people who may be in the group discussion too. Not that you’d be mean, but maybe lay off the full-blown Freudian analysis of Graham’s candle wax phobias. (Unless you have the answer. Seriously PM me.)

* On confidentiality… This is a closed group. That means anyone can see you're part of the group, but only group members can see posts and comments.

We could say ‘what happens in book club stays in book club.’ But the thing is, when you hear something you find inspiring, you want to share it. And we hope you’ll be inspired by what you find here.

So instead of blanket confidentiality, try these two things on for size:

1 - Consider that what you say here might be shared outside book club, if you’ve said something that gets someone thinking.

2 - If you want to share what you’ve heard here, don’t quote people by name (unless you ask them first and they say yes!)