Big Feels Book Club - Chapter #001

You've done it! You have reached out and touched the feelings space! Here is everything you need to read, hear, and do to take part in this month's book club.

Our topic this month:

Does everyone else find life this hard?? 

Ever feel like you have to dress up in office drag just to make it to work? Or that parties are actually a form of socially-sanctioned torture (just with better snacks)?

STEP ONE: Listen

Each month, we curate a little something for you to read or listen to, to get your brain thoughts flowing on that month's topic. 

This month it's a podcast featuring Honor, Graham, and a few other Big Feels Clubbers.

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In this show, we and a bunch of other Big Feels Clubbers tackle the BIG QUESTIONS, like:

1. What's one thing you find harder than everybody else, because of your feelings?

2. How do you make sense of that, without just thinking 'I'm a loser'?

3. Where does your idea of normal come from anyway?

STEP TWO: Discuss

Come join us over here in our closed Facebook group, to share your thoughts and feelings on those same big questions! 

*IMPORTANT BIT: Get in there this week!*

So you don't miss out on the main discussion, get in there some time this week (July 23 to 29). Also that's when we (Graham and Honor) will be in there too, sharing our thoughts and feels y'all.

(If you're not in the group already, it may take 24 hours to add ya. Oh the suspense!!!)

Discussion vibes

For a wee note on confidentiality and other group vibes, check out this post (with a bonus pic of Bodie the Big Feels Pooch.)

Real life meet-up in Melbourne (booked out!)

There's also a real life meet up happening in Melbourne, but it's booked out y'all! We're doing them monthly till the end of the year. Make sure you're signed up to the mailing list to get first dibs.

Bonus stuff!!

Some additional listening and reading for keen beans.

Here are the full clips of our featured book clubbers answering those big feelings questions:

Q1. What's one thing you find harder than other people because of your feeeeelings?

Q2. How do you make sense of the fact you find some things harder than other people, without just thinking 'I'm a loser'?

Q3. Where does your idea of 'normal' come from? How does it help you, and how is it not so helpful?

Further reading

Here are two Big Feels newsletters that cover similar topics: 

Issue 027: Why do I feel awful for no good reason?

Issue 014: Why does life seem harder for me than everybody else?

And here is the book Graham mentions in this month's podcast: The Trauma of Everyday Life by Mark Epstein