What People Are Saying about The Big Feels Club


Our members:

"The Big Feels Club is amazing and one of the best groups I have ever been part of. No mental health services are offering spaces like this."
"It's crazy how much shame we can carry around or that we have repressed without even realising or fully understanding it all. It's really powerful to have these conversations. Thank you for all the positive emails lighting up my negative email space."
“100% this is so needed. At the height of my illness something I was in desperate need of was connection to real people who were in the same shoes”
“This is friggin great, how exciting! I’ve been looking at all the services lately and thinking ‘if only there was a place to talk to others that have lived this’
“I did a year of therapy with someone specialising in my condition. Two sessions of the Book Club gave me more hope than that whole year.”

Selected press:

Check out a lovely write-up in Frankie Magazine's Jan / Feb 2018 issue (only IRL! what is this brave new world!?)
“The Big Feels Club is something to believe in. If it was a political party, I’d vote for it.”
- The New Zealand Herald
Read the full piece here.
“Honor’s super honest self documentation is educational, enlightening, touching and comforting.”
- VICE Magazine
Read the full piece here.
“What helped me climb out of that great, big hole I found myself in at 23? It wasn’t getting a diagnosis, or finding any answers really. What changed my life was finding other people asking the very same questions. It was finding my tribe.”
- Graham Panther co-founder of The Big Feels Club
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