The Big Feels Book Club For Feelings

Making the world a more #feelings place, one book club at a time!

You've done it! You've reached out and touched the feelings space, and you're about to embark on a special journey into experimental book club land! Go you!

The Big Feels book club is all about trying to give you more ways of thinking and talking about big feelings, and connecting you with other people looking to do the exact same. If that sounds like your cup of tea / bag of feelings / Dorito of life, read on... 

So what do I do??

Every session of the book club has a specific topic, and different ways for you to engage depending on your keenness. 

First, there's a set "reading" to get your brain juices flowing (this one's a Must Do, aka Level One Keenness).

For those who want more, there's also a companion podcast to check out featuring our feelings overlords Honor and Graham (this one's Optional, aka Feelings Nerd Alert), and if you're really really keen, you can even talk about this stuff with other people (Super Optional, aka Extreme-High-Level-Feelings-Adventurist)

So choose your level of keenness, and let's get book clubbin'! 

What's the topic this time around?

Our topic for this one-off experimental session is 'The Problem With The Solution'. 

Our society often thinks about distress as a problem to be fixed. In this book club session, we'll be exploring that idea, and two big gooey questions in particular:

  1. When you feel like someone's trying to fix you, what does that do to your relationships?
  2. When you feel like you need to be fixed, what does that do to your sense of self?

It's a book club right? So what are we reading?

For this session, the "reading" is actually a podcast. It's an AMAZING episode of Invisibilia called 'The Problem With The Solution'. The episode is a deep, feelings-ful dive into the ways we think about human distress as a problem to be fixed, and the impact that has on people. 

You can click through via the link below, or go to Invisibilia in your podcast app (the ep is from Season 1, posted July 1st 2016)

 Feelings Nerd Alert
(optional extra listening)

If you're game, listen to the companion podcast featuring Honor and Graham waxing lyrical about that Invisibilia ep. Make sure you listen to Invisibilia first, or it won't make as much sense. 

Listen to these two feelings dorks chatting about what it's like to think of yourself as a problem to be fixed.

Listen to these two feelings dorks chatting about what it's like to think of yourself as a problem to be fixed.

Listen or download Honor and Graham's feeling-thoughts here:

(*note: at the end of the companion podcast we mention a 'survey that should be in your inbox'. We'll actually send that soon soon, so don't worry it's not missing!)

Talking to other people about it
(for Extreme-High-Level-Feelings-Adventurists)

There may be a real-life meet up happening near you. It'll be hosted by fellow book clubbers, and there will be snacks! (Ahem, if you bring them). If you've signed up already, you'll have the details in your inbox. If you haven't signed up but you're keen, email us: hello [at] bigfeels [dot] club, and we miiiiight be able to squeeze a couple more in.

If enough people sign up to the online-only option, we'll set up a space for you guys to chat about the topic too. Most likely a Facebook group. We'll let you know if that happens! Meanwhile feel free to just send us your thoughts, you can email us at: hello [at] bigfeels [dot] club.

From the two of us, thank you for taking part and happy book clubbing! <3