Here’s how to join the online discussion group 🐳🐳🐳


Our members-only Facebook group is wee bit special, and we want to keep it that way. Before you can dive into this sacred feelingspace, there are three things you gotta do:

  1. Read our group vibes over here

  2. Find the Facebook group here and click ‘join group’

  3. THEN… answer the two questions that will pop in your Facebook browser. (See pic below).

    This is how we make sure it’s only bona fide Big Feelsers in there, to keep this little corner of the internet ours. If you don’t answer the questions, we can’t let ya in.

    Note: We may take some time to add y’all to the group. Group chats only happen every few months, and comments are turned off between each chat event. So don’t worry, you’re not missing out, we’ll add ya before the next one starts.

join fb.png


You can either wait until our next group discussion (they happen every few months, and we’ll let ya know in the newsletter).

Or, if you’re a really keen bean… Dive into our old discussion threads!

Commenting will be turned off, but you’ll still get to hear from a bunch of other Big Feels Clubbers on various feelings-adjacent topics.

How it works:

For every Big Feels discussion there are two steps:

1) Listen to a little chat podcast featuring Graham and Honor gabbin’ about the current topic

2) Dive into the Facebook discussion, to hear what everyone else has to say

The best place to start is our very first topic: Does everyone else find life this hard??

Any issues or if you get stuck, contact us :)