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When you’re having a really hard time, it’s easy to feel like you don’t belong on earth.


We made this club for a simple reason. We wanted somewhere we could belong, no matter how big our feelings got. 

Where is that ‘somewhere’, you ask? 

It’s mostly in your inbox.

The Big Feels Club is a space to be real. To be radically soft, and to not know what you’re talking about.

In other words, it’s the opposite of the internet.

Much of our best stuff happens in your inbox, and in our private discussion spaces, away from the social media noise.

If you entrust us with your email address in the box below, we can promise you these things: 

  • you’ll get our best content (podcasts and articles) hot off the press*

  • you’ll get first dibs on all our events and online experiments

  • we’ll respect the sanctity of your inbox

And maybe best of all, you’ll be part of something. A strange, virtual, still-evolving something.

Come help us figure out what this thing is? Sign up down below 👇

*Including unsolicited dog pics. You’re welcome.