Life is terrifying. We know.


Ever feel like your feelings are too big for your human form? Like maybe you have whale-sized feels, surely not the feelings of an average human?

Us too.

*whale crying sounds*

Big Feels Book Club v2.2.jpg

When you’re sad or scared a bunch of the time, it’s easy to feel like you don’t belong on earth.

The Big Feels Club make spaces for sensitive types to hear from one another. Because we can’t all be the worst person in the world, right? (Guys??)


Who are you people?

The Big Feels Club is Honor Eastly and Graham Panther.

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People tell us they make the big scary feelings less big and scary.


here's some nice things ppl have said about us

"If your feelings can feel too feely, Big Feels is your place. It’s like coming home to a bunch of friends who are always happy to stay up late talking about the tough stuff." - Big Feels Clubber


"You know when you don't realise that something beautiful and strange and important is missing from your life until you fall right on into it? The Big Feels Club is a unique little community where scary feelings aren't so scary and where loneliness isn't so lonely." - Big Feels Clubber

"A club that feels more like a big hug. A constant reminder that I'm never alone in terms of my mental health." - Big Feels Clubber