Freaked-Outedly Asked Questions



What is the Big Feels Club?

We create spaces (online and off) to explore different views about crisis and distress, in the company of fellow travellers.

Read more about who we are and why we started this thing here.

Where is the Big Feels Club?

We're physically based in Melbourne, Australia. We're also currently exploring how we might start some real life experiments elsewhere in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world.

When are the meet ups happening?

This varies. Sometimes they're monthly, sometimes less frequent. Sign up to our mailing list for updates!

Forget Melbourne! When are you coming to my hometown?

Watch the newsletter for updates on other Australian events. And if you're from elsewhere and have a cunning plan to fly us to where you are, get in touch!

Hey what happened to the book club? 

One of our early experiments was a 'book club for feelings'. This is still going! We just call it something new now.

They're now the meet ups - which happen online and in real life. Click here for more.

Why the change? Some people somehow got the false impression that a 'book club' might involve actual books. Curious.

What ground rules do you have in your discussion spaces?

Check out our vibes for group discussion here, for both online and real-life meet-ups.

Is this a mental health service?

This isn't a mental health service, it's a community of people who go through similar messy life stuff.

Many of our club members (including ourselves) still use more traditional mental health services, alongside the things we offer. Others are Solo Feelings Adventurists, exploring their inner wilds alone. There's no eligibility criteria here. If you like what you see, you're in!

What's the evidence base behind what you're doing?

Our approach is primarily based on first-hand lived experience of what worked for us, as well as constant conversations with our club members. We ask people what they want, and we design it with them. Nonetheless, our approach is also consistent with the practice of peer support, an emerging area of mental health support. As consultants in the mental health system, we have been strongly involved in the ongoing research and development of peer support as one of the fastest growing disciplines in mental health.

For more information, check out our page about the evidence base of peer support.

Got another question?

Ask us here.