We’re (eventually) going to make some spiffy online courses about #FEEELINGS. Let us know which ones you like?


After feedback from y'all, we're thinking about starting our first online course. So you, Dear Feeler, can nerd out about feelings with us WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR BEDROOM. (Dream right?)

Here are two wee ideas, based on our most popular articles. If you're keen, tell us below, and we'll (eventually) make 'em! (Update: these won't happen right away - first cab off the rank right now are our online and real life meet ups.)

Idea #1: What to do when your brain's being a dick (e-course)

Sometimes our brains are not very nice to us. Whether it’s recurring fears, weirdly specific worries, or just run-of-the-mill thoughts about what a fuck-up you are, it’s exhausting.

But what can you do when you need a break from your own brain?

In this e-course, learn:

  • Why we get stuck on loop with thoughts that make us feel terrible

  • How to feel less alone in that big, beautiful brain of yours, even when it’s being awful

  • Different things you can try when you’re stuck

Idea #2: How to make space for your crazy (e-course)

We often hear how big, scary feelings are a problem. They’re bad for our health, bad for our careers, bad for our relationships. But for many of us, big feelings are part of the furniture, and there’s no new lounge suite coming any time soon. So does that mean we’re screwed? We think not!

This course will help you make space for your big, scary feelings - in your relationships, at work, and in your own head.

In this e-course, hear how Honor and Graham make the big feels + life equation work, and share your own life tips in in the online forum.

Who'd teach these courses?

Us two professional feelers of feelings, Graham and Honor. In addition to our own regular Spelunking into the Cave of Big Feels, we'll be drawing on years of experience as trainers in feelings-related fields.

Each course may feature a mix of written content, exercises, and audio or video of us guiding you through.

Alright, how much then?

Somewhere in the realm of USD$50.

If you're interested, tell us here! (and we'll keep you updated when they happen)