What is a 'book club for feelings'?

This is our first little experiment. We wanted to create a space to explore different views about crisis and distress, in the company of fellow travellers. Hence, the Big Feels Book Club. 

Our first version was our Brunswick book club, running out of Graham’s living room for the past few months. It’s been a place to explore different ways of making sense of the messy stuff of being human. Our 'readings' can be anything from a great NPR podcast to Pema Chödrön, a Buddhist nun, talking about how lucky you are if your life falls apart

Book clubbers have told us this is a whole new approach to talking about big feels. It’s not therapy, it’s not about unpacking your darkest secrets. It’s more like a philosophy tutorial, but softer, and without that one guy who thinks he knows everything.

"The Big Feels Club is amazing and one of the best groups I have ever been part of. No mental health services are offering spaces like this." - Current book clubber

It’s been a great little testing ground, but there's one problem. We now have a whooole lot of people all over the world wanting to access this SACRED FEELINGS SPACE. But... there's only two of us!

Our big dream is to offer people the book club content and meet-ups, without us having to be there in person. Which brings us to... Book Club 2.0! Run-your-own-book-club!

We're currently testing prototypes of this in Melbourne, and a few other cities around the world. We're also testing an online-only version for keen beans who don't wanna leave their bedroom. This will help us figure out a few things, like 'do people want to invite strangers into their houses to talk about feelings?' and 'is the book club a thing people would pay for, to help keep this tiny wee feelings boat afloat?'

Can I start a book club in my home town, or find one near me? 

If you're interested in getting involved in the future, fill out the form below. That gives us valuable intel about how many people are interested and where they're at. Then watch the newsletter for further updates!

Speaking of the newsletter, if you're not already signed up, popping your email in here will get you on that list too. A lot of the ideas we explore in the book club make there way into the newsletter too.

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Why does the book club sound like your kind of thing? What would you pay for something like this, to keep it #sustainable?