Book Club Chapter #001 is happening (!!!) 

We wanted to create a space to explore different views about crisis and distress, in the company of fellow travellers.

Each month, the Big Feels Book Club brings together sensitive cats from all over the world to discuss a different theory about feelings.

So what's our topic for the very first global book club for feelings?

Does everyone else find life this hard?? 

Ever feel like you have to dress up in office drag just to make it to work? Or that parties are actually a form of socially-sanctioned torture (just with better snacks)?

Do you feel like even your impostor syndrome has impostor syndrome??

Join us and a bunch of other sensitive cats as we ponder this very topic in our 'book club for feelings'. Together we'll ask the BIG QUESTIONS, like:

1. How normal is it to feel like a total loser?

2. How do your feelings get in the way of doing the things you want to do?

(And the bazillion dollar question)

3. How do you acknowledge your own unique sensitivities, without just piling on the self-judgement?

What do I have to do?

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STEP TWO: Watch out for an email from us on Monday July 23rd. It'll be a little feelings care package of good stuff we've put together for you to read and listen to on this month's topic.  

STEP THREE: Join Graham, Honor, and other Big Feels Clubbers in the private Facebook group, to share your thoughts and feels on the topic. You can find this private group here. Click 'join group' or wait for us to add you with the email you signed up with. (We'll try to add you promptly, but if we don't just email to gently nudge us.)

STEP FOUR (MELBOURNE ONLY): Join us for the real life meet up on Saturday August 4th, in Carlton! Click here to RSVP and reserve your spot (but make sure you're signed up to the book club first, down below!)

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