"The Big Feels Club is amazing and one of the best groups I have ever been part of. No mental health services are offering spaces like this." - Book clubber

What is a 'book club for feelings'?

We wanted to create a space to explore different views about crisis and distress, in the company of fellow travellers.

Each month, the Big Feels Book Club brings together sensitive cats from all over the world to discuss a different theory about feelings.

Our monthly 'readings' can be anything from a great NPR podcast to Pema Chödrön, a Buddhist nun, talking about how lucky you are if your life falls apart

Book clubbers have told us this is a whole new approach to talking about big feels. It’s not therapy, it’s not about unpacking your darkest secrets. It’s more like a philosophy tutorial, but softer, and without that one guy who thinks he knows everything.

“I did a year of therapy with someone specialising in my condition. Two sessions of the Book Club gave me more hope than that whole year.” - Book clubber

Season One Topics

Season One of the book club features 5 monthly topics, starting in August 2018:

  • August: Does everyone else find life this hard??
  • September: What if trying to fix yourself makes you feel worse?
  • October: What do you want from people when hope is not an option?
  • November: What do you do when life feels unliveable?
  • December: Should I push myself, or take it easy?

How does it work?

It's mostly online (plus a real life meet-up if you live in Melbourne).

STEP ONE: A set reading to get your brain juices flowing.

STEP TWO: A companion podcast featuring our feelings overlords Honor and Graham. Here's a sample clip, Graham and Honor discussing how to know if you cry 'too much'.

STEP THREE: Share your thoughts and feels with other book clubbers! You can do this in our online discussion group. And if you live in Melbourne, you can also check out a real life meet-up. Woooo!!!

(Note: If you're not not in Melbourne but you really want a real-life meet up near you, let us know in the box below.)

    What does it cost?

    For now, it's totally free to join in. A generous benefactor (who’d rather not be named) is funding us to develop our book clubs, in partnership with Melbourne’s Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC), which means we can roll it out and cover our costs.

    SHARC are a truly awesome community service led by people who’ve had plenty of first-hand experience in the existential goo themselves. (So they totally get what we're all about.)

    How do I join? 

    If you're keen to get involved, fill out the form below. That gives us valuable intel about how many people are interested and where they're at. Then watch the newsletter for further updates! We'll tell ya when the online content goes up and more info about the real life chapters too.

    *Important note* - if you're not already signed up to the newsletter, popping your email in here will get you on that list too. A lot of the ideas we explore in the book club make their way into the newsletter, and it's also where you'll get updates about new book club happenings.

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