What is a 'book club for feelings'?

"If your feelings can feel too feely, Big Feels is your place. It’s like coming home to a bunch of friends who are always happy to stay up late talking about the tough stuff." - Big Feels Clubber

We wanted to create a space to explore different views about crisis and distress, in the company of fellow travellers.

Each month, the Big Feels Book Club brings together sensitive cats from all over the world to discuss a different way of making sense of big feelings.

People have told us this is a whole new approach to talking about big feels. It’s not therapy, it’s not about unpacking your darkest secrets. It’s more like a philosophy tutorial, but softer, and without that one guy who thinks he knows everything.

"You know when you don't realise that something beautiful and strange and important is missing from your life until you fall right on into it? The Big Feels Club is one of those somethings. It's a unique little community where scary feelings aren't so scary and where loneliness isn't so lonely." - Big Feels Clubber

Season One Topics

Season One of the book club features 5 monthly topics, starting in August 2018:

  • August: Does everyone else find life this hard??
  • September: What if trying to 'fix' myself makes me feel worse?
  • October: Special Edition: "No Feeling Is Final" (listening party for Honor's upcoming ABC podcast)
  • November: What do you do when life feels unliveable?
  • December: Should I push myself, or take it easy?

*If you're a keen bean, you can click on past topics and check out all the content. There just won't be any active discussion for those ones.

How does it work?

It's mostly online (plus a real life meet-up if you live in Melbourne).

STEP ONE: We send you a little something to listen to, to get your brain juices flowing.

Here's a sample clip: Graham and Honor discussing how to know if you cry 'too much'.

STEP TWO: Share your thoughts and feels with other Big Feels Clubbers! You can do this in our online discussion group. And if you live in Melbourne, you can also check out a real life meet-up. Woooo!!!

(Note: If you're not not in Melbourne but you really want a real-life meet up near you, let us know in the box below.)

    What does it cost?

    For now, it's totally free. A generous benefactor (who’d rather not be named) is funding us to develop our book clubs, in partnership with Melbourne’s Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC), which means we can roll it out and cover our costs.

    How do I join? 

    If you're keen to get involved, fill out the form below.

    You'll get an email from us with more info in a day or two.

    We'll send special updates when the book club content goes up each month. So you'll be first to know about each month's topic and how to get first dibs on the real life meet-ups.

    Important Note: This will also sign you up to our fortnightly Big Feels Club newsletter (check a sample issue here).

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