What if trying to 'fix' myself makes me feel worse? (Book Club Chapter #002)

You've done it! You have reached out and touched the feelings space! Here is everything you need to read, hear, and do to take part in this month's book club.

Our topic this month:

What if trying to 'fix' myself makes me feel worse? 

Our society often thinks about distress and big feelings as a ‘problem’ to be ‘fixed’. This month, we explore that idea, and some of its unintended consequences.

What do I do now?

There are three steps to the book club this month. Do as many as you feel like! Some stop at step one, some do the lot:

STEP 1. Listen to an amazing podcast made by someone else

STEP 2. Listen to Graham and Honor talking about that podcast!

STEP 3. Chat about it in the Facebook Group or at the real life meet-up in Melbourne (see bottom of this page for more info!)

STEP 1: Listen to this amazing podcast by Invisibilia

Each month, we curate a little something for you to listen to, to get your brain-thoughts flowing on that month's topic. 

This month it's two podcasts.

The first is an episode of the podcast Invisibilia, an amazing NPR podcast about the things that go in in your brain. This particular episode is called "The Problem With The Solution". An intense but fascinating look at how our society approaches mental health.

You can find it here on Apple Podcasts, or here on the NPR website. Or search "Invisibilia - The Problem With The Solution" in your podcast app (this ep is from Season 2, initial post date July 1st 2016).

STEP 2: Listen to Honor and Graham react to that episode 😭😭😭

We made a wee 'companion podcast', featuring our responses to that Invisibilia ep, as well as our thoughts on this month's topic more generally.

Listen to us ask the burning questions, like what's the best way to capture your tears?

Listen to us ask the burning questions, like what's the best way to capture your tears?

Listen to us here on Apple Podcasts, or search 'Big Feels Club' on your podcast player and choose episode two. 

Orrrr listen right here! Handy!

In the companion pod, we tackle two BIG QUESTIONS that came up for us on this topic: 

1. When you feel like someone's trying to fix you, what does that do to your relationships?

2. When you feel like you need to be fixed, what does that do to your sense of self?

STEP 3: Discuss online or in-person

Come join us over here in our closed Facebook group, to share your thoughts and feelings on those same big questions! 

*IMPORTANT BIT: Get in there this week!*

The main discussion will happen in the first week or so (beginning August 27). That's when we (Graham and Honor) will be in there too, sharing our thoughts and feels y'all.

For newcomers, check out this post on confidentiality and other group vibes,

Come to the real life meet-up in Melbourne!

For Melbournians, the real life meet-up is on Saturday September 1st, from 1.30pm till 3.30pm.

Tickets don't last, so head on over to the eventbrite page soon soon!

We're doing the real life meet-ups monthly till the end of the year. To get first dibs and see each month's content ahead of time, sign up for book club updates.


Honor Eastly