THESE WORDS might help you feel less alone in your brain


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What if I don't have a comfort zone??

When you’re having a hard time, it can feel like your comfort zone disappears completely. What do you do then?



Should I push myself or take it easy?

How do you know when to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and when you just need to rest and recuperate?



My mind is like Beyoncé, except really really mean

How the mean voice in your head is like a multi-award winning artist. And why that's actually a helpful thought.



What to do when you've ruined your life

Every now and then, life becomes unacceptable. What do you do then? 



Why do I feel awful for no good reason?

Been feeling awful for weeks, and have no idea why? You may be in a Long Slow-Twisting Shame Spiral.



What do you do when life feels unliveable?

Graham's long-time feelings mentor Gareth Edwards ponders the biggest, scariest question.



What if the shitty thing doesn't teach me anything?

Sometimes you can't find “The Lesson” in your pain. Sometimes it just hurts. What then?



Am I the worst person in the world?

Ever feel like you're just waiting to be found out, and you don't even know what for?




So you’re convinced your life has gone completely and irretrievably off the rails. Now what?



Life is terrifying. But are we freaking ourselves out more than we need to?

Why analysing your fears can make them scarier, and one thing to try instead.